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RADIUS server network is based on Aradial Radius server, PCRF and Billing servicing ISPs since 1997. High-end ISP's with millions of subscribers and Smaller providers can easily integrate Aradial into their IT and Network infrastructures.

Offers products that open a whole new set of possibilities for ISPs and Hot Spot (WiFi), ASPs, Wireless LAN and LTE, 3G/4G, Mobile operators.

The customers and partners include some of the world's largest corporations, institutions, telecommunications carriers, billing companies and internet service providers (ISPs).

Software benefits are:
Easy installation, Easy implementation, Easy to operateEasy to customize, Full compliance to standards High performance...

Solution Highlights
  Radius server and optional Billing & PCRF. The product for ISP, VOIP, DSL / PPPoE radius servers....
  Radius server for VOIP and VOIP billing.
  A special Hotspot Software server version and Prepaid Billing, includes configurable portal for WISP/Hotel/Internet Cafe...
  Advanced WiMAX radius and WiMAX billing solutions...
  An adaptation of the AAA, PCRF & billing server to the LTE/4G/Wireless/Mobile world ...
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Wireless LAN and ISP & VOIP RADIUS Server version 7.x for Windows and Linux radius server.

Carrier class Convergent Billing version 7.x.


LTE AAA and Billing based on Diameter server .

HSS for LTE based on Diameter or RADIUS .

RADIUS Server and Diameter AAA for advanced products for operators

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